Emmanuel Paglayan was a successful associate of an investment bank. Until his passion gripped him to realize a dream. Located in trendy Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires he opened in late 2013, the NININA Bakery.

The name refers to the nickname of his grandmother. Until the 90s, her renowned bakery company was producing very good pastries in Argentina. Numerous recipes and in particular the high standards of only the best ingredients she bequeathed. This tradition is linked to Emmanuel. He creates a tribute to the traditional art of baking and raises it to a new level in an environment with the times. The 240sqm retail space impress with a large marble counter, many wood, stylish furnishings and lots of attention to detail. Cool, likable and a complete success. In addition to bread and pastries, there is not only great coffee but also a current bistro menu with burgers, soups and salads. Of course also for vegetarian or vegan and only with local organic ingredients. He guarantees this quality and for that he built the whole kitchen as a transparent manufactory, where everyone can watch what happens.

Quickly came the question, if he can multiply the concept and potential franchisees showed interest. Emmanuel refused. There are plans to grow and to open more stores. But this should happen slowly, in order to continue to guarantee the perfection.

We liked not only exquisite and delicious taste but also the convincing shop fitting and in particular the entire brand appearance plus we are inspired by the passionate story of Emmanuel!