In trendy Pinheiros in Sao Paulo, we were able to discover again how attitudes and behaviors of generations are changing and therefore ask for new concepts. The House of All hits it already with its name. A diverse range, which provides primarily the space (the house) for numerous uses (all).

Today the demand for availability is much stronger than the actual ownership. House of All knows about it and believes in a life where people share, borrow and at the best by subscription. As for example in a part of the complex with the name House of Bubbles. In addition to the familiar idea of laundromats, there is an upstairs cloth library – or better the Netflix for clothing. For a monthly fee you can borrow as much clothes as you want. Replenishment ensures inter alia the laundry service. While washing clothes, customers can realize that they don’t need a piece anymore and exchange it for credit in the library.

For years, we see in all cities the trend of coworking spaces, which offer not only a driver of innovation and a platform to collaborate but especially shared infrastructure. The very same concept provides the part House of Work. The same principle is adapted in the House of Food on dining options. A restaurant where people can rent the main kitchen for a day and serve food, while the House of All earned through the sale of drinks. Same collective approach in the House of Learning where infrastructure is provided for independent teachers and groups that can use it for the teaching of all kind of content.

An exciting collection of services, which are all linked digital by different Apps and physically by proximity. And there are still some great visions. They are currently planning places to live and services such as insurance and travel on the principle of sharing and borrowing within the community.

We are excited and love to share a visual impression in the houses of “all”: