Buenos Aires, on the way to the Museo de Arte Moderno – the Museum of Modern Art. We want to see the famous work “La Menesunda” by Marta Minujín in collaboration with Rubén Santantonín, which was created in 1965 and now half a century later invites again to dive in.

We deliberately went off without any background research. At the beginning we did not know that it’s not only work to look at. As it is a walk-in installation, which inhaled us and spewed us out with thunderous confetti at the end.

“La Menesunda” is a journey through 16 zones, which all stands for themselves and each individual is an interactive experience. We went through a hurly-burly of feelings. Here is it strange and comforting at the same time. Often we did not know where we are and at the same time we recognizes environments, places and objects. We wind our way through a huge gut, ducking us through a small refrigerator door before we stand at 0° C in it, we feel for walls and switches, dial numbers on a huge phone. We are amazed, we laugh, we wonder and at the end we spin us into colorful confetti.

Yes, and then we got spewed out, stand there and do not know exactly how we came here. A great feeling that is not often in our everyday life. An emotion that goes through the whole body and lasting memories.

Here artists have created a unique experience which is taking the recipient on a journey through their own perception in dealing with curiosities and confidence. La Menesunda gives every visitor the chance to his own expedition and for sure everyone, just like us, takes home a very special feeling.

Marta Minujin, native Argentines considered as the avant-garde artist of contemporary Argentine art. Her conceptual, psychedelic, as determined by action and Pop Art Oeuvre shows repeatedly the examination of known and learned structures and the art to break and rediscover it.

Here an excerpt from our expedition: