A house that keeps its promises. The HOME hotel have Patricia O’Shea and Tom Rixton developed from a personal desire. When the two moved from Europe to Patricia’s native country Argentina and got married there, they sought a way to accommodate all of her friends from overseas.

Motivated by the vibe and atmosphere in this unique city, the idea was born to open a Bed & Breakfast where everyone feels at home. The result is a unique boutique hotel with 18 rooms in total – in however 9 different categories. From the 19sqm room to the pool suite all rooms are modern-cozy, with love to details and clever functional.

The hotel fits elegantly into the hip area of Palermo-Hollywood, known for celebrities, film and television and the nearby nightlife. The entrance is more like a Scandinavian living room than a hotel lobby. Precisely because the guest is at a friends home and invited to make use of the idyllic garden and pool to relax. When the bistro with the terrace becomes in the evening a bar and sometimes the owner and well-known music producer itself plays the turntables, the unique experience full of personality is perfect.

The entire team has internalized the philosophy of hospitality and is developing together several times a year a guide only for hotel guests – consisting of personal recommendations for the perfect stay in Buenos Aires.

The opening is now 10 years ago. But as dwellings do a home never remains the same and the personally guided changes guarantees the continued success. “We have both given this hotel our all and I think if you do that with any job you simply cannot fail.” says Tom and confirms the passion and spirit which has made this concept to a so authentic brand.

Check out the website: www.homebuenosaires.com and some photos of the oasis in one of our favourite cities: