We enter the Room. A room full of people. Excitement is in the air. The doors are closing, uncertainty and skepticism is defined in the faces of the people around us. In this moment everybody ask themselves – what will happen now?

The light goes out, it’s pitch black. Spotlight on and with it we are suddenly sucked into a brilliant spectacle without equal. The room turns into a dynamic space, always new scenarios arise out of nowhere and learned spatial elements turned upside down.

One stage highlight chasing another. There is not only “one” stage, the entire room with all the spectators becomes a stage. Walls, boundaries or dimensions merge or do not longer exist. The artists take the entire room, radiate their energy and get the crowd pumped up. Engaged by haunting music and intense soundscapes.

Fuerza Bruta is a postmodern 360 ° show, done by Diqui James and starts 2003 in Buenos Aires. Already in 2007 the show went to the Broadway in New York, now tours throughout the world and inspired many viewers again and again with its stunning and unique staging.

This is not an experience for control freaks or the claustrophobic. So if you don’t like the idea of a plastic sheet that looks and smells like a massive shower curtain, being unfurled directly on top of your head – it is better to stay away.

But we are completely thrilled and after it we are floating along with the crowd in the warm night of Buenos Aires. One thing is already clear, we will rember this experience and recommend all courageously and fearlessly people this spectacle.

Here you can see few impressions, which of course can not show the real experience: