On this day, we were not specifically looking for something and then we found something special. When we had entered the CARTEL 011 in Sao Paulo it was immediately clear – here we wanna stay longer.

The CARTEL 011 is a buisness hub for creative ideas with a focus on business, art, design, architecture, lifestyle and entertainment. It all started with the fact that the founder Cristian Resende, Creative Director and Fernando Sapuppo, Scenographer opened the CARTEL 011 in 2009 as a coworking space, and thus were absolute pioneering in sao paulo.

But that was not enough, they wanted to make a space for more. Their expertise, passion and the courage to implement can be felt immediately. In the same year was added an open art space and the courtyard was used as an event space. They staged exhibitions and started with new event concepts like to mix art and entertainment. Over time, gradually came also the other areas and concepts added as a studio, a hairdresser, a library, the restaurant “feed food“, the bar “next door” and the multibrand store CZO. Based on this, they realized the first Pop Up Store for ADIDAS OBYO followed by numerous well-known companies that use this unique atmosphere to stage their own brand.

With his progressive profile, the CARTEL 011 combines distinctively different topics and merge the global vision of lifestyle with the local culture. An urban and organic network, cross-linked and in a constantly developing process.

So if you will be in Sao Paulo, this is not just a recommendation to stop by there – it is a must.

Here are a few visual impressions: